Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Sans-Valentin!

^That's the funny little sounds-alike they do here in France, if you are without a Valentine. Actually I do have a Valentine. A couple--myself, my city, and champagne. Not the worst V-Day I have ever had, to be fair!

I've post about 50 times on this blog, and I do believe the narrative has fallen apart somewhat. It is a lot easier to blog about your life when you aren't really out there living it. Thus, the conundrum. I want to be a really great blogger--giving you detailed posts, full of photos and anecdotes. But then I also want to make last-minute plans, and I forget my camera, and sometimes I just want to watch reruns while I eat too much cheese. Not exactly note-worthy, but still a big part of my life here in France.

So I'm just not going to apologize. And I'm not going to try to hard. Either you will like this completely unembellished version of my life here in Paris, or you will not like it, because I'm not telling you enough, or I sound pretentious, or it's just not very interesting (maybe all!??). And because I'm celebrating my love with my new boyfriend Fake Champagne (the real stuff is still expensive here), I'm just going to write you a little listy. Hey, I think in lists.

Recent Thoughts on La Vie Parisienne
1. Just realized my window was open. I have really crappy windows, and sometimes the pressure in my room gets weird and opening the door opens the window a bit. Luckily, it's no longer below freezing all the live long day. (Also, I have intense metal shutters to keep out the bad guys.)
2. One of my least favorite things about my living arrangement is that everyone around me likes to cook. And either I go out of my room at 11pm to pee and get super hungry from a buttery-garlic smell....or I'm hungover and it smells like gross fish. There's no in between.
3. Twice in my life I have come home to find firefighters doing stuff in my apartment building. Once was last year, because snow had blocked part of the exhaust and so they had to go in all the apartments to check for gas leaks. And the other was last night, where they were chipping ice from the exterior of the building to alleviate a very similar situation. Makes the heart race either way.
4. It's really obnoxious when your bank is further away than your grocery store and you don't have any cash but you need food, and most food places won't take cards for less than 10 euros, so you go to the supermarket, but then you have to also spend 10 euros, so you do, but then you forget eggs. A very specific situation, I realize.
5. This kid is picking up on my speech patterns. It's weird. Also, today he told me my last name...which I'm pretty sure I have never a reason to tell him. Bizarre. Kids these days. Also, babies and explosive diapers....what is my life.
6. I don't have a headboard in my shoebox. My little twin bed is against one side wall and I have a table at the head of it, but there's nothing to lean against. It doesn't make sense to put it in a corner, since the window overhangs the wall a bit, and the only other corners are by the door. Basically, if I am on my computer in bed, I'm lying on my left side, and my right side is feeling the neglect.
7. Buying mascara in Paris means spending more than 10% of my paycheck. That's ridiculous. Never thought I'd miss NYC prices.
8. At my local grocery store, 6 eggs will cost you 1.75 euros. In my grocery store in Brooklyn, 6 organic eggs (albeit medium-sized ones) cost me 1.75 dollars. Just saying.
9. I'm currently debating the merits of solo travel to Italy...uh anyone free the first weekend of March? Looking to book....now.

Alright, I'm done typing. Here are some photos of recent snowfall. I was in the country for one night at a friend's house, and it snowed something like 4 inches! Pretty.

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