Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Before

I feel as though I should write a post before I jet off to Italy tomorrow, because otherwise I will have little to no chance of explaining what has been happening slash what I have been thinking NOW.

Which, let's face it, isn't much.

First of all, are you aware that it is 58 degrees here in the Paris at this moment? And for some miracle, I am not working at 5pm! How is that happening!?!?! Instead I am sitting here with windows wide open hoping that some of my hand-washed undies will dry before I go on vacation. Because I'm wearing the last pair and THEY are only dry because I didn't let them soak and turned on the heat last night. Yes, folks, it's time to do laundry. But there is no time to do it before I leave, so some part of tonight will be spent assessing the least dirty of my socks. ALTHOUGH it is supposed to be 68 in Rome on Friday, so maybe I just wear sandals? Too soon?

Right, so I'm going to Rome tomorrow. My friend and I will have two full days there (Fri and Sat) and then we depart Sunday morning. I'm SO FREAKING EXCITED, and it just hit with full impact that I will be seeing Rome! I'm such an anticipatory person (is that a word?), so this is unlike me. But who cares, Italy will be my reality tomorrow! I would say give me suggestions but I really am not paying attention.

So also, this return to spring is reminding me why I have continued to make baby-sitting a part of my career for this long--afternoons at the park. What other job--besides camp counselor--can you hang out and play games outside all day? It's the best, especially after such a dreary winter.

An exchange today....
Kid: Natalieeee....
Me: Yo.
Kid: You can't say yo. Only pirates.


Today at the playground I had to break up a lot of canoodling pigeons. I understand about springtime and babies and all that jazz, but do it somewhere else. I'm not trying to see that.

Saturday marks the halfway point of being here in France, assuming I leave on July 31st, which will be pretty close to accurate. Weird to think that. I feel like I'm much closer to the ending than the beginning. I suppose that is because all the hard stuff is clumped together at the front part of the stay--jetlag, making new friends, speaking French in public, homesickness, big holidays. And now it's nothing but smooth sailing and weekends away. I don't know how many more abroad trips my credit card can handle before I come home, but I want to get to Spain at least. Maybe Switzerland. Greece, if I can swing it (but no idea how). But also, trips in France--Toulon, Champagne, Bordeaux, Mont-St-Michel, Montpellier. I need a sponsor, or a sugar daddy, or.....something not creepy.

Well, I really should pack since tonight is karaoke night at my favorite bar and I work in the morning. Don't worry, I'm practicing. And get ready for around 500 photos of Rome.

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