Thursday, January 5, 2012

Quick Update

I just tried to write a post and it was awful. So I guess 2012 has taken all my blog-writing skills away from me. Or maybe it's because I've written only 3 times in the month. What's that phrase? Use it or lose it? Oops.

So let's see. I just got back from Montparnasse because I had to go to Fnac and buy my new French books. I also got a new notebook (why are all French notebooks made with graph paper? what's up with that?), some tape, and a pair of trendy wedges. Guys, I'm super pumped about the wedges, because they have treads on the bottom, and so they are obviously the perfect winter going-out shoe. Also, they were 9 euros!

It was incredibly windy out there. I hear we're gusting to about 50 mph, and I believe it. I had to help an old woman across the street because she couldn't hack it in the wind. Also saw a TON of metal signs blowing around, and a toilet on the street...not sure about that one. However, it's also sunny and mid-50s, which is making me dream of bare legs and daffodils, instead of facing the reality that it's the beginning of January, and it's likely to be freezing again sometime before March. Tricky, this weather. +1 for going out in a jacket that's not down or wool, -1 for disillusioning me. Wash.

I could tell you all about my trip to England/Scotland. I could tell you about the horrendous bus rides and that I've done the ferry and the Eurotunnel now. I could tell you how little I saw in London, how gorgeous Surrey is, how many camp people I saw, etc. But I'm late to pick up my charge, who turned 4 on Monday. And tomorrow I'm baking cakes with his mother in preparation for a knight-themed shindig on Saturday. Plus I have two friends celebrating birthdays this weekend. I guess 2012 is going to be...busy? I can handle that.

No pictures, because I really am late. I promise to post again in less than 2 weeks. Maybe with stories, or something.

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