Friday, January 6, 2012


Today I had one of those morning where, no matter what was happening, I did NOT want to be cold. NO WAY. So I slipped out of bed, and started piling on layers. Leggings, my only pair of sweatpants here (which are lululemon and, therefore, allowed), tank top, sweater. Then I got out my best winter investment ever, my sleeping bag coat. I put on a wool scarf, furry headband, and my mittens. Bring it on, winter.

I was not one smidgen cold walking mon enfant to school this morning. But then I got to thinking, man is my job inconvenient in winter. Because I have to be at my family's apartment at 7:55am, and then I just put on his coat and walk my kid to school. It takes about 15 minutes to walk there, and it's dark right now. And, as a person who hates both cold and also wearing coats, I just am not very motivated to drag myself out of bed for ONE STINKING HALF HOUR so I can walk a child across a park. It makes me whiny, and I've stopped caring about looking even halfway decent. (Hopefully I'll start caring more as the sun starts rising earlier.)

Let's I learned how to say "You're kidding!" (Tu plaisantes!) Also found out they don't make my birth control in France (overshare?). I made top hats and cornflake cakes for the birthday party tomorrow. (Top hats are a marshmallow topped with chocolate and a smartie (which is like an M&M), and cornflake cakes are cornflakes and chocolate...c'est tout!)

Something smells funky in here. I wore my 9 euro shoes today and they are freaking comfortable. I think I may have just made an amazing purchase. Also, the serious tread means I'm breaking these puppies out if we ever have snow (which we won't; still hasn't even frosted here!).

Took this the other day, it was on facebook, but I like it a lot:

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