Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Saint Nicholas Day, or I'm Getting on a Plane in 72 Hours

December 6th is Saint Nicholas Day, if you are unaware. Saint Nicholas is not St. Nick, aka Santa Claus. Saint Nicholas is a benevolent man who saved some people a long time ago in Greece/Italy, depending on who you ask. What he means to people these days, is that he gives gifts! Presents for the win. Basically no one celebrates Saint Nicholas Day in France unless you're from the bits of France close to Belgium/Germany, or you are my host family.

Last night during the routine "I-am-not-eating-dinner" song-and-dance, we got to threaten that Saint Nicholas wouldn't bring him a gift. And also, we could threaten that he would have to go upstairs and Maman and Natalie would finish decorating the Christmas tree. Making other people the bad guy definitely eases the pain of tantrums. So anyway, finally he was ready for bed, and what he had to do is leave his slipper by the bed, and then in the morning, the present would be there. And this morning mon enfant had a new nightlight (that is sparkly and glows different colors and I am the MOST jealous) and a blue watch! Very exciting. Well done, Saint Nicholas.

In other news, I am leaving to go to the States Friday morning. I am not ready in the slightest. I have yet to make a packing list, which is strange for me. I need to finish buying les cadeaux for my family. I have to figure out my airport plans, wardrobe choices, etc. I have to starting thinking about goodies I need to buy in America for a certain petit enfant who definitely wants an American police car for Christmas and told me so in October. Good news though! My mom is bringing my SIM card to Tennessee and I will get to have a phone!!! My cracked-out iPhone!!!! What a glorious weekend it will be. Text me starting on Friday at 5pm EST. Yay.

So basically I'm going to be crazy for the next 72 hours. Also my skin is freaking out due to higher than average stress hormone levels. I have no idea if they are going to try to take my food-related gifts from me at customs (USA, stop hating on unpasteurized cheese). And the baguettes continue to call to me. Thank goodness for control-top tights.

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