Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pain and Neglect

^ That is what my blog is feeling, I mean. Oops.

I'm sorry blog. It's not because I don't have the time; I can't fake myself out with that excuse. True, I did work full days all last week and the weekend, but most nights I was home before 8:30, and I could have filled you in then. But the truth is, I was too dang tired. I was running myself ragged with Christmas cheer, trying to make Paris feel as holiday-y as possible. Here's what we did:

Monday: played around all morning, then took the tyke shoe and coat shopping with Maman. Chased him around a lot. Had coffee in the Le Bon Marché and felt like I fit in.

Tuesday: had the morning off so I hit the Champs holiday market again with my friend. Ate a sausage sandwich, and looked at the English bookstore. In the afternoon, libraried it up with mon petit enfant, and then handled some tantrum action.

Wednesday: played in the morning, then we had lunch out, where the pizza was enormous. Then we took the car to La Museé des Arts Decoratifs, where there was an exhibit on Babar, who turns 80 this year. I got to stay a bit later at the museum to check out the fancy furnishings, and then I walked home under the sparkling lights to meet the family for dinner.

Thursday: myself and the whole family went to La Jour des Fetes at the Grand Palais, which is basically an indoor carnival with proper rides. Enfant rode a ton of carousels and a little train, while I ventured onto this thing that flips you upside down like a pendulum. Then we had fancy lunch where business people dine (almond-crusted fish on spinach, mm), and quickly went to the Petit Palais, to see an exhibit on the Comédie Française. After we got home, we played Robin Hood with a little bow and arrow sent won at the carnival.

Friday: in the morning, enfant and myself took over the apartment and made a handprint ornament for the parents, and also peanut butter blossom cookies for all. In the afternoon, enfant, Maman, et moi went to see the Cat in the Hat in play form in Monmartre, then we searched through fabric stores to make knight costumes for his birthday party in January.

Saturday (Christmas Eve): early morning we hit Monoprix to shop for foodstuffs, then we ate lunch and played games all together, including Legos. That evening we ate aperatifs (tamara, which is fish eggs blended with creme fraiche on blinis, humus and toast, and English cheese and crackers) and had champagne, then put enfant to bed and enjoyed live oysters, lobster in a cream sauce, with rice, and English roast vegetables. Then we ate opera cake, and I rolled myself home to Skype with the family for an hour.

Sunday (Christmas): presents and pancakes, where my enfant opened all the gifts for everyone. Then we played and had Christmas lunch, which was the big meal of the day. Foie gras out the wazoo, with bread rounds, confiture, onion relish, and sea salt, followed by a brioche filled with warm foie gras. Then we had turkey, chestnut purée, potatoes gratin, and stuffing (which, I believe, included the bits of the turkey's insides). Dessert was a buche de Noel, a Yule log cake. Then we played, watched Mary Poppins, and had cold turkey and salad for dinner.

Yesterday, I slept in and bargain shopped with a friend, then watched movies, ate leftovers, and played around on Skype.

So really, blog, I am terribly sorry to neglect you, but I really was busy, and fatigued, as you can see. Here's a photo of some of what we did and saw. And I promise it won't happen again!

 Me and my cookies on Christmas Eve.

 Part of the old fashioned carousel and the Ferris wheel in the Grand Palais.

 The interior of the Petit Palais and the large picture of Moliere.

Natalie as Robin Hood.

P.S. There are a lot more cute shots of everyone from Christmas, but I'm not sure how the host family feels about posting photos of the kids online, so I'm not going there right now. Sorry folks!

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