Thursday, December 8, 2011

Packing Success

How to achieve major success when preparing for an all-too-short but way-too-long flight (if you know what I mean):

1. Pack basically zero clothes. I'm wearing jeans, packing leggings, two tanks, 2 cardigans, and two dresses.
2. Wear your big shoes, pack only the most necessary other pairs (wearing boots, packing wedding heels, flats).
3. Don't bring any toiletries because you're going to a hotel and staying with your mother, who will either have everything you need or know how to get it fast. That includes contact solution, everything you use in the shower, and a hairdryer. I'm really only bringing deodorant, a toothbrush, and my makeup.
4. Wear coats, and put all the electronic stuff in a ziploc in your handbag (camera, phones, iWhatevers, cords, etc.).
5. Don't go anywhere too terribly cold, or get ready to be a little cold.

Because I did those five things, I was able to fit about over 2,000g of food items, 2 normal-sized bottles of alcoholic liquid, and 3 kinds of cheese in my suitcase as well. Oh, and my suitcase is my medium-sized, and I regularly use it as a carry-on. CARRY-ON BABY.

(FYI, I am still checking this luggage because I paid no heed to liquid restriction. But still!)


Just got some cadeaux from my family to bring with me to Tennessee. Looks like I might not make it. This is madness.

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