Monday, December 19, 2011

It's Been Eleven Days

Sorry I haven't been writing. I mean, I'm not actually sorry, but I guess I feel a little bad if you really have no idea what I have been doing and maybe you thought I was ill, in legal trouble, or literally spending every centime that I have in the holiday markets. None of those are happening, thank goodness.

Let's see...I went home to Chattanooga for my brother's wedding. Then I came back to Paris. Then I was tired, but got really really busy. Then I spent half this past weekend being really busy and half doing literally nothing. And now it's the Christmas holidays here in Paris, and I hung out all day with a relatively happy 3 11/12-year-old. And now, because I couldn't fall asleep until past 3am last night and spent all afternoon chasing said child around shoe stores, I'm fatigued. So I'm doing lists, and I don't care. If you don't like it, it ain't my problem, sweetheart.

Notes on the Wedding Weekend
1. when I left my shoebox early Friday morning I had to go back twice: once for forgetting my umbrella (except I hadn't), and then again because I forgot the smelly cheese
2. the flight from Paris to Atlanta was more than 10 hours long, which is the longest plane ride I've ever taken and I wanted to die for almost all of it, because I had a giant headache
3. upon landing in ATL I had 45 minutes to go through passport control, get my bag, go through customs, re-check my bag, change terminals, and get on my next flight to Chattanooga
4. I made it in 30 (!)
5. it was really nice to not only be back in the States, but to be someplace I was relatively familiar with (the ATL airport, from my days at Emory)...SO NICE
6. obviously the nicest part was seeing all my family (nuclear, extended, and those friends who feel like family)
7. I ate so much deliciousness, including barbeque, a cupcake with 5 inches (seriously) of frosting, a giant breakfast buffet (twice), 5 kinds of (American!) cheese, the best carrot cake I've had, a lingering pumpkin ale, lots of champagne, homemade chex mix, like 7 tiny cans of American Coke Zero, and a fountain Diet Coke (Diet Coke is way different here, people) from McDonald's.
8. the wedding was gorgeous, of course, my brother was handsome despite looking (to me) like he always has (that is, 14), Kendall was stunning, the party was great, they let me decorate important things (AROUND THE CAKE!?!?! it's like I'm an adult or something), and the Rock City walk was way cooler and a much bigger deal than I thought
9. my mom does a mean brunch, and also made custom crossword puzzles as favors (Marthaaa!)
10. I went to Target and was so happy, and then my dad almost jumped on one of those trampoline-harness-things at the mall (but he didn't, which was a shame)
11. I met, played with, and sort of like my brother's ferret, Elvis
12. I ate brunch on Monday at a restaurant owned by a cult

Notes on the Past Week
1. I drank champagne on a Wednesday
2. I didn't feel any jet lag except Tuesday and Wednesday mornings (which is obviously the worst possible time to have it)
3. I ate half my Kraft Mac&Cheese stash on the first day back (sorry I'm not sorry) (half = one box)
4. it doesn't feel very much like Christmas to me at all despite watching Home Alone, A Christmas Story, and Love Actually this weekend
5. it's been very rainy
6. I stayed out waaay too late on Friday night, but I woke up to carolers on Saturday morning, and then tried foie gras in the street, so that was pretty great
7. Saturday I cooked shakshuka with some mystery peppers that got stuck under my fingernails and made my hands burn until just a few hours ago, and also got in one eye, so I had to wear my glasses from sophomore year of high school on Sunday (so chic)
8. I tried French Chinese food on Sunday--result: so-so (caramelized pork was tasty/American-y/fatty, but not anything I would crave again, chicken with black mushrooms was crazy salty, it was mad cheap, and open on Sunday....tie)
9. I had a coffee and crepe in Le Bon Marche today, which felt very cool
10. my room is so messy I cannot stand it
11. I got to Skype with two of my long-lost best friends out in California (Lindooo and Creepa!!!) on Saturday which was REALLY REALLY amazing, and I'm so happy I got to talk to them
12. I wish that I could go home for Christmas (boohoohoo)

Now for some wedding photos (these are also on my Facebook, sorry I'm not original):

 This is what they made me do while decorating...I think it looks pretty good if I do say so myself! Having to help decorate for the wedding was like the final exam of being my mother's daughter.

Ma, Bro, Moi...check out those (inherited) furs! We so fancy.

 During the photo shoot after the wedding. Kendall was a trooper, because it was like 40F and windy out there (that's like 6C, Europeans).

My lovely and wonderful parents who bought me things at Target, paid for my meals, and got a double room instead of a deserved king so that I could stay with them. Aren't they adorable?

Alright, I'm over this recap. If you want to know more, then you have to actually contact me, instead of just creeping on my blog. And I'm officially caught up!

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