Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving is Coming...

Everything is coming together to tease me on the fact that I'm having a makeshift Thanksgiving this year. I don't know about you, but I love Thanksgiving. I will say that it's not my favorite holiday (Christmas trumps that, easily), so I'm not actually going to cry or anything (the way I will on Christmas). However, there is something that Adult Natalie has really enjoyed doing for the past few years of being a real, semi-financially-responsible adult with my own space: throwing a dinner party.

And so Thanksgiving, really, falls quite nicely into the dinner party niche, PLUS it's a holiday that centers around seasonal food. But quite unfortunately, I live in a shoebox sans oven. And an oven is centrally integral to creating a Thanksgiving meal. I mean, I can still make mashed potatoes. But that might be it.

This is not the first year that I am missing Thanksgiving. In 2008 I stayed in New York for the holiday since I had to work the day before and a half day after. However, I had one roommate plus 3 lovely friends come visit, and we not only did the MOST Thanksgiving-y thing ever (the parade), but we also did the second most Thanksgiving-y thing, which is drink too much before dinner and then die afterwards. And we had an oven and some amazing recipes for brussels sprouts, and so what if I accidentally put cumin in the applesauce?

Anyway, so REALLY this is the first Thanksgiving that I haven't been in America. I guess that's what it all boils down to. I'm in a country where a turkey costs 10€/kg and a bag of cranberries is 6€. I have to work on the 4th Thursday in November. And while I do have a lot of American friends, it's still going to be way difficult on our limited budgets to pull together even the slightest smatterings of Thanksgiving.

And then Epicurious has the balls to dare me to "Host the Ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner." It's just rude, I tell you!

Well, anyway, as you lovely Americanites in les Etats-Unis get ready to brave cramped airports and revel in boatloads of gravy and time off from life (and you Athens County people get ready for hunting season!), send some nice thoughts to the people giving thanks elsewhere. Or Skype me. Or airmail me some pumpkin pie.

P.S. This is not to discredit my dear friend Waldo who is going to help me fix a Thanksgiving dinner the weekend after the holiday. It's just going to be different. For example, when I emailed him a menu, he goes, "How many people are we feeding?" I'm an AMERICAN. We eat to excess! 

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