Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Joys and Buzzkills from the Past Week

1. every time the kid says I'm his best friend...never gets old
2. also, seeing the Eiffel Tower never gets old either!
3. mid-50s days when you're too hot in your wool coat and it feels awesome
4. the consistent low angle of the sun is highlighting my hair
5. not biting my nails for a while (woooo)
6. makeshift Thanksgivings (3! like divorced parents plus some!) with friends
7. cute texts
8. walking the same route that Adele does in her "Someone Like You" video while listening to the song
9. getting to watch Winnie the Pooh DVDs
10. buying cheese from the Sunday market

1. putting on a shirt and finding snot on the sleeve from sniffly children
2. chipping nails in the morning from zipping coats
3. having a 3 year old let go of your hand in the middle of the street
4. being bored at 10pm
5. heartburn/acid reflux?
6. the way my hair looks after baby-sitting ("Haha, look I made you messy!")
7. not being able to articulate "check something out of the library" in French
8. someone requesting the book I wanted to renew
9. not having Thanksgiving with my family
10. when I send a text too quickly and wait reeeeally long for one

Good week. Going to England this weekend. Yeah, I'll take some pics. But I'm not interested in Thanksgiving status updates anymore. That stuff got old sometime on Tuesday. I'm throwing myself a pity party tomorrow, and I'm inviting turkey.

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