Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's what my Thanksgiving Day, 2011, has looked like, so far:

-fog in the morning on the Champ du Mars
-telling the story of the Little Red Hen twice
-taking a 2-hour morning nap
-watching my favorite Friends Thanksgiving episode (The One with the Football) (but really, all the Thanksgiving episodes are good)
-meandering through the Champs-Élysées holiday market
-getting asked out by a man on a bicycle, who thought I was French (aka the best thing you could say to me!!!)
-learning that H&M in Paris has a completely different fit than H&M in America (there is no room for booty here, sadly)
-finding a dress for Jon/Kendall's wedding at Zara (green with green lace overlay, long sleeves, fitted, cut-out back)
-having coffee with a very cute boy (3rd date!)
-eating an entire baguette
-causing the kid I sit for to FREAK OUT CRYING when I left instead of eating dinner with him

Still to adventure out to the banlieus of Paris, where I get to have Thanksgiving dinner, in French. At the home of the Executive VP of Chanel. Woooo. Also hopefully a quick Skype date with my family in Ohio.

And now the requisite "Things I am Thankful For" moment...
1. my general good health, and the fact that I've survived another year without health insurance and no trauma
2. my loving, amazing, wonderful, supportive family
3. my loving, amazing, wonderful, supportive friends (ALL Y'ALL)
4. the fact that I get to live the dream in Paris
5. cheese
6. my strength and determination to survive the worst few months of my life
7. how dang classy I am
8. being employed
9. my computer and my camera and the internet, so I can keep connected to everyone I love so dearly
10. joie de vivre--all those little things each day that make everyone worth it

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends.

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