Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Good Day

Today I walked my kid across the Champ du Mars by the foggy Eiffel Tower. It smells oddly like spring outside, and it was warmer at 8am than it had been all day yesterday.

After I dropped him off, I walked back home quickly and lay down again on my bed, intending to relax for a half hour or so. Instead I promptly fell asleep until a text woke me up around noon. I guess my late-night Skype sessions and gallivanting around Paris have caught up to me.

I didn't do anything today, in classic Natalie fashion, except walk across the park to test the American store's bagels (sub par, as to be expected...sad). I cleaned my room and played with my hair and felt rather at peace, which is interesting enough for me, mid-way through November. When winter approaches, my neurons stop firing and I turn into a bear. Aka, super lazy and grumpy. But today I felt fine.

And work was fine, I'm finding my niche in the family, and while I know for a fact they don't trust me completely, that's also understandable! So whatever. It's a fun, easy job, and I love that every day when I pick my kid up from school, he runs at me for an around-the-knees hug. Is there anything better than that?

Today we also had some good news, complete with a champagne toast--my family's baby got into day care (it's evidently SUPER competitive in Paris)! Which means I get to stay with this family for the school year, which is fantastic news. Then I don't have to move! And get used to a new family and a new schedule. I'm very happy. I think it's going to be great.

And, finally, I got my free Longchamp bag from my bank and I feel super Parisian about it. It's brown and classy. Can't wait to tote it around this weekend. Maybe I've become one of those people who like fancy things...hmmm. Liked that champagne tonight!

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