Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I should write something, but I'm tired. I'm tired from heaving a screaming 16kg child up the stairs because he refused to eat a hot dog. I'm tired from having class today, when it was one of those days where my brain seemed to just not work in French. I'm tired from writing long emails to my friends. I'm tired from the general cold today. I'm tired from thinking about the gifts I need to buy in the next 9 days before I go back to the US.

I'm also tired of things...of not having access to a reasonably priced washing machine, of eating too many carbs, of forgetting the TP when I go to the toilets, of figuring out my bank account in French, of typing on the stupid keyboard on my phone, of my computer stalling for no reason.

So I don't realllly want to write that much. Instead I'm going to listen to Christmas music and write down all the movies I want to watch that are Christmas-y themed. Also here are some limited photographs.

 thanksgiving dinner number one, chez Augusta

dress for the wedding, it's dark green with a lace overlay

 hilarious turkey outside Cambridge, England, where I was this past weekend

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