Thursday, November 3, 2011

End-of-the-Week List

1. I only tolerate doing dishes for other people and would, from this moment onward, appreciate someone to come and do mine, as I am so doing for my family.
2. I'm really good at chicken noodle soup. So good, that I consumed 3L of soup in 2 days and had to make a new pot today. I have only eaten 1.5 bowls so far (SMALL BOWLS) (FOR AN ACTUAL MEAL (LUNCH) NOT AT 11PM).
3. On that note, I need to stop eating one baguette per day. France is not a magical place where calories don't count, and my pants are starting to look...ahem...funny. And I don't have any euros to buy more.
4. I don't have any euros because I'm going to Brussels next Saturday! Yayyy.
5. Still have yet to figure out how to make a deposit in my bank account. I think going into an actual bank will do it, but can't I do that stuff at an ATM? Seriously?
6. I put this on facebook already, but it's outrageously expensive to do laundry at a laundromat in Paris. Anyone have any good handwashing-in-a-tiny-sink-without-a-bucket tips besides go naked more often?
7. My shoebox is hot as balls. This is a scientific fact. It's so hot that during the night, I have two options: a.) sleep in as little clothing as possible (ahem) and wake up in the middle of the night drenched with sweat anyway, or b.) shutter my windows and leave the glass open, and wake up in the middle of the night because it sounds like a truck is driving through the wall. They are pretty equally fun.
8. I noticed recently that my legs have scarring from the poison ivy I had in September. White scars on my shins. This has nothing to do with anything except it annoys me to no end.
9. I thought the light above my sink had burned out, but then I realized it had two switches and they both have to be on. Okay, French wiring.
10. Going to the Louvre for the first time on Saturday! Should be exciting. I have gone inside before, but never into the actual museum, so get ready for some weekend art musings. By "get ready," I do mean, "watch out, and please don't make fun of me if you have art history in your blood."
11. It's been rainy here. I didn't think NOT having rain boots would be such a big bummer, but it really is. Walking around Paris in wet flats is the opposite of fun, and also, you really slide around on the cobbles.
12. Peanut butter here is 4€50 for a tiny jar. When I return to the States for the wedding, here's what I'm buying/coercing my mother to buy for me: waterproof shoes, pb, small jars of spices, Proactiv, those really low nylon-y socks, a haircut, a million euros, a wine opener that isn't my swiss army knife, and a lint roller. All these things are either not available to me, stupidly expensive for what they are, or things I always forget to buy.
13. I had a really good one for #13 but now I've forgotten.

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  1. Natalie! This will be my second week in Paris and my first week as a nanny here. Hmmmm. It is ...difficult. We should compare notes about this unusual experience.