Sunday, November 20, 2011

Eating Gooood..

I think you can all agree with me that we are in the food-coma-throes of the holiday season. It's time for overeating, parties with buffets, special treats you can't find all year round (or in your new country...sigh), and general merriment. I've been rather busy this week, with my pal big Al Craven visiting, but that did not stop us from consuming delicious food/drinks. In addition, I'm attending a makeshift Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon, and creating my OWN next weekend in England. There's a lot of eating to be had over the next few weeks (did I mention I'm also going to a wedding in less than three weeks?? whaaaat). If I may, however, I'd like to highlight some delicious things I've eaten this past week:

1. Brocciu Pecurinu, or at least that's what I think it was. It was a soft, creamy (almost crème fraiche-y) cheese you can eat with bread or with a spoon. I did both. It's a goat cheese from Corsica and it might be in my top 3 cheeses in the entire world. Holy crap it was good.
2. Fallafel. That's something I've had before, but I haven't had L'As du Fallafel for over two years. It's worth the line and the confusing "why am I giving money to this random guy on the street" situation. I may have eaten two and a half fallafel sandwiches over the weekend (because Al couldn't finish his!!!).
3. Vin chaud, or hot mulled wine. Seasonal, warming, and extra delicious when consumed as you watch the sunset near Notre Dame de Paris. Need to start making this more often.
4. Poutine, which is not French, but Canadian. And it's the perfect mid-day snack when you might have had a little too much to drink the night before. Cheese curds, gravy, and fries--why do Americans get the bad food rap all this time? Isn't this Canada's national dish? I mean, I'm not's delicious.
5. Bean soup. I love me a good old bean soup on a cold day. My host mom made soup one night and I don't know what it was--the French ham stuff, the selected cannelloni beans, the onion-y-ness, but it was DANG good. I need to make some bean soup. Too bad I can't cook cornbread without an oven.
6. Baguettes. They never get old. I ate like 4 of them this weekend.
7. This is not French, nor is it terribly exciting to anyone but me, but I have finally mastered a perfectly poached egg. Keep that water just under a boil, add more vinegar than you think you need, cook for 3-4 minutes. Slotted spoon. It was beautiful and beyond tasty with a buttered baguette. Best breakfast.

Now in my future I have mashed potatoes, jellied cranberries, pumpkin pie, turkey, and probably at least 10 more baguettes (in the next week). I'm just like you guys in America! Right?

Just like America...

 that beautiful poached egg

Notre Dame lit up at night

lights on the Seine

offering candles in Notre Dame

vin chaud

wedding photography on Pont Alexandre III

what I do when I get bored in the evenings waiting for people to Skype me..two tone nails

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