Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Church Bells

I ccould hear the church bells ring on my unexpected holiday this morning. It's November 1st, All Saint's Day, or Toussaints. Everyone has today off from work (well, almost everyone), as it's a national holiday. With the dreariness of the clouds, today might be a perfect day to spend relaxing chez moi. Making some chickie noo-noo soup, you know. The basics. Sweats.

I had my first real visitor-type, the lovely Emily Alexy, stay! She was passing through town and we had a nice couple of days together. Yesterday we walked the Canal St. Martin and were so fascinated by the lock system. After our feet fell off from tiredness, we found a little cafe in the Marais and I introduced her to confit du canard, which I've written about before. I had some onion soup, which is one of my favorites. Yesterday was gorgeous weather, sort of the opposite of today.

Now there's no way around it--I need to do laundry. But I have a block against it. I hate it. Also I don't know how it works here, so the unfamiliar isn't appealing. Sigh. Maybe I'll do some undergarments in my sink tonight...

Planning out the rest of my 2011 has been fun. I have some upcoming trips and upcoming visitors. I have to start thinking seriously about Christmas presents, as I have to play Santa on December 10 when I go back to the States. I mean, really everyone is just going to get chocolate OR wine OR pate. It's just a matter of me choosing which ones to buy and who gets what.

I didn't do a dang thing for Halloween except carve this pumpkin:

I'm sooooo 10 years old. How do I take care of children again?

Here are a few photos of the canal. Happy November everyone!

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