Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Okay, France.

Tonight I have a headache because I didn't have any caffeine today because I am suffering from some awful sort of icky belly bug. Last night was writhing and moaning on my floor (literally) and skyping with my mother until 3:30am my time because that's the time I felt okay enough to fall asleep. Today has been a lot of not eating and then some eating of some ridiculously boring foods. Namely, pretzels and rice (with salt). Also gatorade, and water. It's like I'm in a country that isn't full of delicious foods I cannot identify in the grocery store.

Side note: found the real supermarket today (meaning not Monoprix, which is nice but you have to spend 4 and a half euros to get some hangers I don't even like) and I need to brush up on my food French. And by my food French, I mean my advertising French. Like, I know the words for veggies, fruit, meat, etc., but then I went down the cookie aisle, and suddenly, was I about to purchase the gross cookies? How am I to know? I don't have any French brand loyalty! Yikes.

Anyway. So now I am tucked up into bed, and my room/studio/shoebox is mostly clean after last night's charades (except for my desk, but my internet cord (it's like 2006 up in here) blocks the way and I'm taking that as a sign that I don't have to clean that part of the shoebox). I have Hocus Pocus somehow on my computer (Halloween magic, probs), and my tummy is still distended and whatnot. I'm bored and tired, but also not planning to do much tomorrow? Because of the tummy situation? And also my lack of euros? So I don't want to be super well-rested, because then I would be frustrated.

And so my days go in France. Last night I hated France to pieces and back. I wanted to be at home, with a dog for a heatpack, with my mommy fretting over me and hugs (instead of making her upset on skype because she could not help), with access to medication I can understand and also purchase at 11pm at night. And also with a bathroom that isn't shared by a lot of random ghost people.

Side note: what I mean about ghost people is that, even though evidently there are 20-ish other shoeboxes on my floor, I have yet to see another person. It's just sometimes a door is different, or a light that was on is off. One time as I was going upstairs, a girl came down, but that doesn't count. I can hear them, and I can smell their food and stuff. But no sightings. Ghost people!

So yesterday France sucked. Today is better but only because I have a potential new friend (an au pair from Georgia, the country, not the state), and also I went to an amazing apartment up the street to chill with a beautiful (like, wayyyy beautiful) family. So that was fun and made today okay.

But France, you are not the perfect dream of my dreams. So please, I would like to make some more friends, and also, maybe have a little more sunshine and less cloud action. And maybe find a very inexpensive pumpkin at the market tomorrow. And, I don't know, more things that make me happy.

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  1. Courage, Natalie. Strange how familiar so much of this post is. I have those @#$% Monoprix hangers in my wardrobe. The French do not seem to have mastered the Internets--if and when you can connect, the utility of French websites is limited at best by our standards. The pharmacy, even when it's open, has proven to be a shockingly expensive proposition. Perhaps most surprisingly of all, I just spent ~26 of the last 36 hours in bed, myself.

    But, for my part (and I've only been here a month and a half), it's totally worth it. Take heart; get some rest; and call if you need anything delivered or the company of compatriots. I suspect you may well find a good deal on a pumpkin (or at least a gourd you can makeover in an "Aw, shucks, well, it's France!" sort of way). And at the brocante down the block one week, I got ten wooden clothes hangers for 1€74. All is not lost.

    Just send up a flare if you need reinforcement.