Sunday, October 9, 2011

French Food

Before I go to bed, and as I upload some photos from my walk today (a 3-hour walk), I have to tell you about what I had for dinner. Oh my goodness. Fantastique.

I met Michelle at Polidor, which is in the 5th, and is sort of known as delicious and reasonably priced French food. A lot of students eat there, according to my HM. So, great. Perfect.

I treated myself to the 28 euro prix fixe. HERE IS WHAT I HAD:

1. Entrée (which is actually the appetizer...which makes sense, really): Foie gras de canard--duck fois gras (liver pâté). I haven't really had foie gras as a grown-up, so I was a little bit nervous. Well, holy duck fat. This stuff is crazy. It's like cheese, sort of, in that it's funky and spreadable. However, it doesn't melt away on your tongue in the sticky, gluey way cheese does. It melts like cotton candy, except savory. It's amazing. Like...whoa.

2. Plat: Confit de Canard avec choucroute: duck confit with sauerkraut was recommended to me by my HM here. Duck confit is a leg of duck that has been cured, then roasted in it's own fat. Well, I had a lot of duck tonight and I liked ALL of it. It felt and tasted very French, and it was cooked sooooo well. There was a lot of sauerkraut to cut through the fat, and it was heavenly. I also tried a bit of Michelle's beouf bourgignon and that was amazing as well. The beef literally fell apart as I tried to stab it.

3. Dessert: La glace caramel: It was supposed to be ice cream with caramel and chantilly sauce, but they were out of caramel sauce, and the waiter said something else and I said "oui." So what I got was a heavenly little bowl of housemade caramel ice cream with whipped cream that was so thick I thought it was vanilla ice cream. I am not a fan of dulce de leche ice cream in the States, but this was brilliant. I thought I had died. And then I tasted Michelle's lemon tart and also died. I don't even really like lemon desserts and hers were killer.

Plus we were a little tipsy on a wine that had séduction in the name.

I mean, it was amazing. And we were next to some random people, and the setting was lovely. It was amazing, and I'm so happy right now. All I am saying is, if you aren't planning a visit after hearing about my food....then you are crazy. It was that good.

Also, they have hole-in-the-ground toilets. It was intense. Aiming. Etc. Great night.

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