Friday, October 14, 2011

Bisous and Make Up

France is clearly trying to make it up to me for giving me a stomach bug this week. And today was a good day.

- waking up at 9am
- SUNSHINE (it is always cloudy in Paris except for...THIS WEEKEND YAYYY!)
- new friends, or at least a semblance of new friends (German girls)
- phone numbers of people in my class to make MORE friends
- hilarious attempt at communicating with the people at HSBC
- getting a cell phone in less than 12 hours
- mon enfant and I played with trains today...I like trains
- also we watched Barbapapa which is a French kids' show from the 70s, so it's obviously great
- my host mom is giving me two tickets to a French show next weekend that might be so bad that people will walk out (they do that in France)
- two-hour wine, bread, cheese, French conversation with host parents
- walk past Eiffel Tower when it was sparkling

So, thanks France. You're forgiven.

P.S. A special "thank you" to America for candy corn. And a special "oops" to mon enfant because I ate all the candy corn I brought for you. My bad. That's America for you!

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