Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bebe Steps

Today I met with Sylvie, the French person in charge of my agency. She gave me an amazing list of all the girls who are in Paris through the agency. C'est parfait! I have already begun to stalk my new friends, and have plans to hang out with someone on Saturday! I am so, so, so excited. I hope I don't pee my pants or something that would make our rendezvous awkward.

So anyway, how exciting, right?!?!

After I met with Sylvie today, I went for a walk around the 4th. I tried on a dress in H&M that was supposed to be perfect for Jon's wedding, but then it was ugly. And everything in Zara wasn't quite right. I found a few vintage-y stores in the Marais, but they weren't what I wanted to deal with today either. I did find one with perfect leather satchels, and I stored that in my brain for future reference. But that store was too messy to comprehend, and lunchtime is bad for shopping in Paris. Noted.

I have a little bit of a scratchy throat and drippy nose. Do you think it's because I'm ignoring the 45 degree weather and dressing like it's closer to 60? Or because I hang with bebes all the time? Or should we just chalk it up to allergies and call it a night? Anyone?

I slammed my finger in the shutters last night. Now I hate them. Also, they are very dirty. And really ugly! I ate an entire baguette today (they are smaller here, THANKS). Those two things are not related.

Tomorrow we have a test in my French class. I can't figure out why. We all have to take this class for our visas, and yeah, we all want to learn French. What is the point of the test? However, I do think this is one of those things I need to go over or I'm going to forget how to conjugate "to be" (être) and then I'm sunk.

Should be a beautiful weekend full of new friends and sunshine. Here are some photos from my walks around Paris:

 near my camper's apartment in the 7e

 Jardins de Luxembourg

l'Hôtel de Ville
en face de l'Hôtel de Ville

I send bisous to my aunt Jane, because her kitty was put down today. Runt was something like 17 years old. She had kittens when I was 10, so...she lived a good life. Bonne nuit, chère Runtsker.

And on a happier note, a very happy anniversary to my parents! Thanks for getting married and having me! 32 years is a long time. Joyeux anniversaire de mariage! 

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  1. OMG, I still can't comprehend that you just walk down the street near your house and see stuff worthy of photos. All I see when I walk down the street is a Krogers, a terrible looking shopping center and some other houses... the US is boring.