Sunday, October 9, 2011

As Life Continues...

I don't know exactly what to write about in here as I start doing everyday things. Life in Paris with my famille is not very different than family life in any city. Today we went to Bercy to an antiques market. Unfortunately, it was 95% mid-century design furniture, and not very exciting. Also it was raining and outdoors. So we perused for a minute, then attempted to go to the Bercy Museum. Bercy used to be a big port that received all the wine shipments into Paris (at Quai de la Râpée). But then the museum was closed except for reservations. The park was out of the question with les bébés, but we did stroll through the Bercy Village, which is a shopping area that used to be old stone houses. Very cute, but not ideal for the weather. With our plans for the day slightly ruined, we headed home. A little carsickness on the way back, but otherwise okay. We had a yummy light lunch of salad (endive, walnuts, Roquefort, and apples), quiche with broccoli and goat cheese (not chevre, but harder goat cheese), and baguette. Then espresso and fancy chocolates. C'est le déjeuner de dimanche!

We took a quick car ride, just me and HM (host mom), up to see my school. It's an easy 10 minute bus ride into the 16th. And now I am free until tomorrow morning. I showered, finally figuring out how the shower actually works--there is a hand-held shower and a regular shower head. Last time, I only used the hand-held, but this time I figured it out! Go me! Now I'm going to get dressed and have a wander and a photo session. I have errands to run and things to buy, but most shops are closed on Sundays. So I'll just hang about until le diner. Tonight I am meeting mon amie Michelle at Polidor for traditional French food.

Will say this. Restaurants in Paris are expensive. Most French eat at home most nights. Even though the stereotype is that French people are always eating out in cafés, ce n'est pas la vérité! They go to cafés a lot, but it is usually just for coffee or wine. Not meals!

Photos tomorrow of my wander.


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