Sunday, September 11, 2011


I'm waiting on France to send me vital important paperwork so I can go to Chicago and get that elusive work visa. And so I spend my days, not spending money, in my kitchen, cooking dinner for my parents and watching a lot of Friends reruns (Friends is ALWAYS ON these days).

While I literally have nothing to do, I am trying to stay ahead of the game in terms of other things. Namely, packing. My wardrobe in Paris has to be equal parts stylish and in vogue, practical enough for dealing with a four-year-old, comfortable to be in all day, and all of it has to fit into two suitcases. It's almost like an impossible, ridiculous puzzle that I have to figure out for the benefit of mankind and women everywhere. 

Basically, I'm driving myself crazy.

I spend a lot of time everyday on fashion blogs, looking for the perfect solution to update my on-sale, dated by a few years wardrobe. Unfortunately, these blogs are not providing answers, really. Instead they are giving me tidbits of information that send me into a blind panic. Stuff like, the "only acceptable" sneakers that parisiennes can wear out are white Converse All-Stars. White? Really? I mean, anyone who knows me knows I love me an impractical white shoe, but of course I went for grey Converse when I joined the trend three years ago. And let me tell you, they are looking older than their three years. Also I have a distinct lack of hats, and I don't own black boots!

So after days and days of torturing myself on these websites, I have obviously decided I need these boots:


These shoes are something I need in my life. But just last week, high on fashion, I purchased these incredibly silly shoes:


...mostly on the hope that they would turn me into a fashionista worthy of the Sartorialist. Instead, they just made me 5'7'' and then I almost fell down when the dog stopped in front of my parade around the kitchen. I'm returning them.

But even if I remedy my boot situation, what do I do for wet weather? I don't own any rainboots since my last pair's sole pulled away from the boot part. I tend to kill rainboots rather quickly. So I'm resigning myself to purchasing a pair in Europe. Suitcase room and all that. But a raincoat? Rain hat? Are those even relavent?

And the rest of my wardrobe is not up to par, not at all. As I languish about my house and dream up my future life, I imagine myself dressing like her:

A little too much eyeliner, a killer bag, sexy but not slutty. That's what I want. I can 100% not re-create this look with my current wardrobe. My skirts are too long or too short or too cheap, and don't even get me started on my lack of suitable handbags.

I also imagine myself like her:

specifically THE SKIRT WOWWW

Or her:

Or her:

The problem is, I am imagining myself in a dream life. My life in Paris is not going to be dreamy. Frankly, it's probably going to start out being pretty isolating, terribly scary, exhausting, and possibly broke as a joke.

So I suppose I should just resign myself to looking like me. Probably like this most days:

By "this," I don't mean in a ballgown. I mean, very obviously trying too hard and overdoing it by a landslide. Oh 8th grade graduation...

As to me stressing out about my packing? The obvious answer is to stop going online and find some well-stocked Goodwills. I did this today and managed to find some amaze-balls ridiculous high-waisted navy pants. And in my basement I stumbled upon a rose-colored chiffon maxi skirt thrifted by my now-abroad sister. So maybe I'm not as ill-prepared as I think.

I supposed I could also get a larger suitcase. Or a job. A job would occupy me AND provide funds...maybe I should be browsing craigslist instead...

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  1. Noodly! My new favorite fashion blog is the sartorialist ( Perhaps you will enjoy it as much as I do. =)