Friday, September 16, 2011

Quick Sneak Peek!

So today I got an email from my host family that included some photos of my little room. It's very cute and tiny (!), but looks organized and like I'll have everything I need. The best part is that I get a view of the Eiffel Tower out my big Parisian window. How could I ask for anything more? The room is decorated something like...part dorm room, part Ikea, which is a style I know well. I'm excited to add touches of me to it, like my pretty jewelry bowls, more plants, and photos/art on the walls.

Want to see???

So this is what you see when you open up the door. It's almost like a hallway...with furniture. But let's ignore the obvious narrowness of the room and check out that window! It's one thing I looove about Paris: the big, double windows that open right up. I'm on the 1st floor (which is actually the second floor), and I'm going to live on the breeze from that window when it's nice out.

So after you walk in and turn around, this is the back of my tiny room. On the left we have my kitchenette with the two-burner stove, and you can see the handle of the baby fridge. There's a sink right by the door, and on the right is a vanity area. Now, see the door on the right? First instinct (and hope!) was that it's a closet. But thinking further, and with what I know about Paris apartments (from the ONE that I've been in), that's a toilet. Anyone want to jump in and forge a guess?

This photo is looking out my window to the left--La Tour!!! You can see her peeking through the trees. When the leaves fall, I'm going to have a killer view, something like this:

This photo also shows my neighborhood boulangerie, where, I am told, my charge is quite famous. I think I'm going to have no problems making friends in the 'hood with a smiling 3-year-old in tow.

Ahhh la belle Paris. So...who wants to come stay with me? Brave souls only.

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  1. Eeeee! What a good sign that they have sent you such amazing pictures- clearly they care that you will be happy there.
    You would make friends regardless, you don't need the cute kid to help you (although it certainly will not hurt).