Thursday, September 29, 2011

Flights BOOKED, Baby.

Tuesday afternoon I drove up to northern Indiana. I stayed in a smelly, less-than-desirable motel by a fill pond and I-65. Wednesday morning I mastered the commuter rail into Chicago, had my visa appointment, and rocked it! By rocked it, I mean showed up an hour early, had the wrong form filled out, and annoyed the lady because evidently when you change your appointment online, it just makes a new one (so I had 14 appointments).

Nevertheless, it's over with. My passport should be winging its way down to me from Illinois sometime in the next 4 business days! And...I just bought my flight!! I'm leaving out of Pittsburgh next Thursday, and I arrive in my new life at 8am Parisian time.

Now...time to pack. And see how much money I have left after buying an international multi-destination flight with only a week in advance.

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