Monday, September 5, 2011

Details, aka The Basics

Well, I guess this is the introduction to my new blog. I'm writing my first post from my kitchen table, which is so not authentically French, because I am not there yet. But everyone is asking me for details and I am just far too lazy to explain it over and over again. So, while the French onion soup (there it is!) simmers on the stove, I shall write down what exactly the heck is going on.

I am moving to France with a program/agency called Au Pair Paris, which I found while I was generically searching for internships abroad. As random as it seems, it's sort of a perfect situation for me. The vast majority of jobs I've held in my short little life have been related to children, childcare, or general caretaking. I've been an au pair before (though we didn't always call it that) in LA, I've been a regular baby-sitting, I've been a nanny, and I've been a camp counselor. Like, hello. I'm made for this job. Plus, I was pretty geared up to move overseas this fall anyway. Even though that part of my life has fallen through, I had gotten pretty used to, and rather excited about, moving to a new country and, you know, figuring my life out. So why the heck not?

I contacted said agency. I did a lot of writing and answering of questions. I got matched with a family. And that's it. I'm moving to Paris until June! Kind of ridiculously easy (although I haven't done the visa process yet--just starting--and I'm sure that will be less easy and also way less fun).

SO! Details. That's what we are here for!

I am leaving in 2-3 weeks, as quickly as I can get this visa shizz taken care of. I will be living in Paris proper, in the 7th arrondissment. I will be two blocks from le Champ de Mars, which is the park in front of the Eiffel Tower (you know, where Mary-Kate and Ashley swordfight with baguettes in Passport to Paris). I will be working 30 set hours a week with one family. The family has two children, but I won't have a lot to do with the baby. My main charge is 3.5 years old. I will be taking him to school in the mornings, picking him up in the afternoon, and hanging out until 8pm or so. Except Wednesdays we have all day together, because they don't have school in Paris on Wednesdays. Sometimes I'll baby-sit in the evenings, and there might be occasional work on the weekends. Mostly I have my days and weekends free. I am also going to be taking a 2-day-a-week French course while I am abroad, as required by my visa. All of this is happening, and I get room, board, a weekly stipend, a metro pass, and health insurance! Talk about good. I'm going to the doctor all the time, just because I can.

But here's the best part: I get to do all this, and I get a place of my own! I will be living in a chambre de bonne, which is a furnished room with a kitchenette. It shares a bathroom with other chambres on the hall.  Mine will be in the building across from my family. Even though it's probably going to be small and not that nice, I am so used to coming and going as I please that I think it will be a much more comfortable arrangement for me.

So that's that! I am already thinking about my wardrobe and what to bring to Paris. I'm so ready to write down good cafes and dishes to try. And if you will be visiting Paris, or Europe at all, expect to inform me so we can all share my wonderful year abroad.

And this blog! This blog will be your little mirror into my Parisian life. I'll post pictures, stories, how-tos, and tidbits to let everyone know what's going on. Get excited. I am!

P.S. If you are/were a reader of my other blog (not everyone knows about it, so if you didn''s not personal that you didn't know), it's going to be on hiatus and hidden while I am abroad. Mostly because it's connected to this blog, and my old blog is not for everyone's eyes. Sorry. So what I am saying is, I might start another, more personal, blog that will be similar to my old one, and if I do, I will let some people know. So. Ta-da!

P.P.S. Oh, right, the title of this guy. So I called this blog, Les Nouilles a Paris, which rhymes, and also translates to "Noodles in Paris." And if you're reading this, you should obviously know that people have been calling me Noodles since the beginning of time. Or high school. Whatever.

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  1. Je suis tellement excité pour vous! Je vais commencer à économiser pour un vol immédiatement.

    (Je parie que vous ne saviez pas je pouvais parler le français. La vérité est que je ne peut pas, mais Google peut.)