Friday, September 30, 2011

Approaches to Packing (Part 1)

I like to think that I always do things "the organic way," meaning that I just let things happen. It's the lazy way, basically. Sounds like me, right? But also, I get pretty stressed out and distracted when I don't have a good plan. It's a big old problem, in general.

So today I felt like playing around with clothes. I have been doing some shopping, trying to update my basics, and I am almost done. All I really am looking for now is a chiffon-y blouse (maybe with a bow neckline) and a pair of oxfords. (Well, and a shirtdress. And a sweaterdress. But I am ALWAYS looking for those. Never found one of either that were flattering and not slutty on my figure. Dang.)

Anyway, my first plan was to go search the local Goodwill for things I could DIY and hit the cheap shoestore. But then my brain was like, Natalie, maybe you should tackle your room and think about packing. And I knew my subconcious was right.

So here's what happened:

Step 1--Enter room, slowly. Don't let the room know that you are about to empty it out and judge the contents. It can smell your fear and then you will end up fighting with your closet (which is when you whine in frustration, "I have nothing to wearrrrrrrrrrr...."). So I crept in, and laid on my bed. Netflix'd Mad Men.
Step 2--Well, then my tummy hurt. Booooo.
Step 3--I decided I wanted to check my sister's room for things I could, ahem, borrow. I have rifled through her closet already, but I checked her drawers now. No tops to speak of, unfortunately. No chiffon-y blouses either. And she somehow is an inch taller with feet a size and a half smaller, so there was no shoe hope there.
Step 4--But then I found dark purple tights. And some over-the-knee socks, which is something I would like to learn how to wear with my future oxfords and a skirt.
Step 5--Re-enter room. Put down new finds. Exit room, so room doesn't get suspicious.
Step 6--Wait 15 minutes. See if anything good is on TV. But no. Just the less-good Atlanta version of Say Yes to the Dress. Sigh.
Step 7--Grab socks from room, try them on in the kitchen. This is an important step because you are stepping outside of your fashion comfort zone when you try new things. So you need to physically step outside of your box/room as well.
Step 8--Try on the socks (white and plaid) with like 8 different outfits. Everything makes you look like you're trying to be a schoolgirl. It's awkward. Go look for a baggy top.
Step 9--Nothing in your closet. We've been through sister. Who's next? Mom.
Step 10--Mom has a comfy sweater from Target (!!), but it's not right for the outfit. Make a mental note to, ahem, borrow it later.
Step 11--As you leave parents' room, you pass Dad's closet. Hmmm...
Step 12--After trying on several of Dad's sweaters, make a mental note to ask if he would be willing to part with any.
Step 13--Call bff and make plans that involve dressing up this evening.
Step 14--Re-try-on all the thigh-high sock outfits. Decide you're going to need to get your own pair that are dark grey, and less school-girl-esqe. Choose outfit that doesn't include socks.
Step 15--Look around room. A lot of clothes are out of their places and all over the place. Well. I guess before you can pack them they have to be out...

I think today was a successful day. I will let you know how tomorrow goes. Think I'll get anything in a suitcase tomorrow?

P.S. I doubt it.

(Left: no socks!; Center: my room after I "packed" today; Right: had to show you my DIY lace cuff)

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